Home cooked Japanese?

Ok, so this is actually a follow-up to yesterd...

  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love trying out new recipes and with our summer heat getting to me, I thought I’d try a new cuisine. Japanese food is not only interesting but it is also expensive. However, we are lucky that we get all the ingredients in Mumbai. Teriyaki Sauce in all its sizes and flavours is available not only at gourmet food stores like Foodhall and Nature’s Basket but you can also find it in some unexpected humble neighbourhood grocery stores. 

It all started with a trip to Foodhall over the weekend where we couldn’t resist the Portobello mushroom. Yes, this wonderful woody looking fungus is now available in Mumbai. We picked up a packet for Rs.54. which is quite reasonable considering the Dutch ones were selling at three times the price. Needless to mention they were also three times the size! We also picked up a packet of Nori which actually sparked off the interest in making Sushi and then a Japanese meal.

So last evening my daughter whipped up some Sushi ( vegetarian) and I was left to find the recipes of the rest of the meal. I went to that trusted source, the internet and found a wonderful site http://izumimirun.blogspot.in/ from where I picked up the ideas to make a vegetarian Japanese meal. I tried the Spinach with Sesame dressing , barbecued Egg Plant and grilled Tofu. Of course it was quite different from the recipes in that I made the food totally without oil and also without the maple syrup as I had to cater to my diabetic husband. But I must say that despite the tweaking, the food came out well and was a welcome change from our regular Indian food.

The food was well received and the family chomped away their satisfaction. I am now inspired to try more “Japanese” recipes and who knows? One day I may write a Japanese/Indian cook book?


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