Pickles & Preserves

Mango and its longitudinal section

The best part of summer is making pickles and preserves : out of mango naturally!

My father always believed that pickles and preserves were the last resort of a bad cook and as my mother prided herself on being a great cook assiduously banned both from our table. But that didn’t stop her passion from making jars and jars of them in the summer to add colour to our buffet counter and dishing them out to our friends and relatives.

Pickle making is a fascinating process , one that involves  going to the market, choosing the best mango, shopping for chillis and spices and   jars to store the joys of summer to be savoured the whole year through.

This morning I went to the market to pick up the ingredients for mango preserve and bottles to store them in. I came home and promptly got down to the task of making fresh mango preserve. This delightful bottle of goodness is made out of ripe Alphonso mango and is absolutely irresistible. Easy to make and easy to eat, this is one preserve that will appeal to everyone.